Gainsters ™ founders and management plan to produce gains for stakeholders by acquiring equity or other types of direct and indirect ownership interests in companies and businesses creating innovative technology in the following sectors:

Food and Water, Energy, Health and Wellness, Finance, Transportation, Entertainment etc.

While we do not dismiss the importance of traditional ways of doing business, the focus of our acquisitions is in companies with technological breakthroughs that have the potential to disrupt the current status quo with a view to improving people's lives in some significant way.

We also believe that it's possible to further the interests of our stakeholders while still being a good corporate citizen.

We do not sell any product or service directly under Gainsters. Any sale of products or services are through our subsidiaries or associated businesses.


Startup Funding Easier In Cryptocurrencies

In spite of the recent volatility in Bitcoin prices, Cryptocurrencies and the innovative FinTech behind them continue to attract professional investor interest....

FEB 15, 2018

We welcome invitations for direct equity investment from start-up companies that believe they have developed technologies that have the potential to disrupt current business processes in the above mentioned sectors.