Startup Funding Easier In Cryptocurrencies

In spite of the recent volatility in Bitcoin prices, Cryptocurrencies and the innovative FinTech behind them continue to attract professional investor interest.

Cryptocurrencies have grown from a market cap of just $20 billion at the beginning of 2017 to around $550 billion by the end of 2017.

One of the most remarkable aspects is that this rise has happened in spite of the difficulties that currently exist in buying and selling most cryptocurrencies.

Considering how difficult and troublesome it is to buy a few dollars' worth of most cryptocurrencies or even setting up an online wallet, it's pretty amazing that cryptocurrencies have gained so much interest from investors.

Imagine how much faster cryptocurrencies would have grown if it was easier to buy, set up an online wallet, transfer and sell.

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The real challenge for startups and their crowd supporters is in finding a cryptocurrency that has wide acceptance and easy convertibility. Convertibility being much more important.

Startups, in all sorts on industries, are increasingly ignoring the traditional VC and IPO funding route and finding innovative and easier ways to raise financing in cryptocurrencies through crowdfunding networks.

Wide Acceptance

Acceptance of cryptocurrencies is increasing fast. More and more online and real world businesses are accepting payments in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies.

Overstock just began using ShapeShift. The retailer has been accepting bitcoin for years, but now it accepts payment in 10 additional digital currencies, including Ripple, Dash, Monero, Litecoin and Ethereum. CEO Patrick Byrne says that Overstock will be accepting up to 40 or 45 digital currencies in the very near future.

OpenBazaar, an innovative onlline marketplace, also uses ShareShift. OpenBazaar allows buyers and sellers of goods to create shops and sell goods without fees, restrictions or accounts. Once upon a time, OpenBazaar could be used only by those who had bitcoin. Now, like Overstock, it does business using other digital currencies as well.

ShapeShift processed $800 million worth of customer orders in July 2017. That's 10 times more than what the company processed the previous month. In March 2017, ShapeShift completed a successful Series A fundraise led by Earlybird Venture Capital. Several additional fundraising series have been completed since then. Unfortunately the opportunity to invest in ShapeShift is not available anymore.

Easy Convertibility

Although convertibility from crytocurrency to USD or other major currencies is important for startups, it is a much greater challenge. With the exception of the CROiNX (CX), none of the currently available cryptocurrencies have any inbuilt easy convertibility provision. There is no clearly identifiable buyer of last resort.

As startups need to convert cryptocurrencies received in a fundraising into USD etc. in order to implement their business plans, ease of convertibility is a very important consideration in selecting a cryptocurrency.

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